There’s bacon in my yogurt

So far, my newly minted blog has been about food—and weird food at that. On that note, let’s talk about bacon. In yogurt.

I belong to a cooperative called Athens Locally Grown. Mostly, I cooperate with my membership fee ($25 a year is pretty awesome). Every Sunday, the online market opens, and I choose the breads, veggies, honey, dairy and live plants that I want (we don’t buy every week, but a lot of them). This week, I was craving yogurt. And the amazing Atlanta Fresh had a new flavor: Maple Bacon.

The label says it taste like breakfast. But not if you don’t stir it first. That’s key. The maple syrup concoction lives at the bottom of the container until stirred. And then it kind of tastes like breakfast.

My analysis: Overall, it was okay. I love bacon, so that helped. But the combo is not something I’d want to eat every day. The flavor I would eat daily is the black cherry and port wine. Oh my. I would lick the container shamelessly to get the last bit of its deliciousness. Kind of like that beet soup yesterday.