Hidden. In a fairy land.

Last week, I added a bit of video/photo expertise to a communications training held on the UGA campus. And, being a training, we gave our “students” (very sharp UGA Extension professionals) some homework. The assignment centered around the UGA Trial Garden, always a beautiful spot, although some of us starting wilting rapidly in the August heat (um, yeah, so I thought we might get through summer without actually experiencing summer heat. Boo on August. BOOOOO).

Ahem. Where was I? Oh, yes, summer heat. No, wait, the Trial Garden. In the summer heat.

Flowers are so intricate and lovely. I don’t know what kind this one is, but I thought it illustrated well the concept of hidden for the photo scavenger hunt. I like to image being a wee fairy wandering through the flowers on a particularly warm day, collecting pieces of fragile beauty for my home.


If you look closely, there are tiny insects on some of the flowers. And, another angle:


I shot these with a 50mm f/1.4 lens. I left the color alone and love the bokeh (the blurring effect. Will have to experiment with this more).


Round. And why I can’t ‘taste the rainbow’

In the last post, I said no iPhone photos. I lied. It’s not every day that even a fun pack of Skittles is missing a color. How can I taste the rainbow if a color is missing? How can I experience fully the wonder that is eating all five flavors at once if a flavor is missing? How will my afternoon ever be normal if one of the five pillars of Skittles happiness is missing?!

I need to cut down on sugar. I see it’s becoming a serious problem.

In an effort to get this scavenger hunt started, my photo describing “round” is below. Because Skittles are round. Until you bite into them.


I used my new quick-connect iPhone lens, the olloclip, in fisheye setting, for this shot. The color is a little washed out and the photo grainy, but I’m cool with it. And, in case you were wondering, I still ate every single Skittle.

A photo scavenger hunt

I’m reviving my blog (whoo!) to join in Sarah F’s photo scavenger hunt (http://sarahsfavoritephotos.blogspot.com/). And I figured this would be a good time to post a lovely photo of me with a basketball in my belly (excuse the iPhone-used-in-the bathroom shot. I promise I’ll use my good camera for the actual scavenger hunt).


That’s me at 25 weeks, 2 days! Whoohoo! (I’m now 27 weeks, 2 days).

Once I figured out a decent angle to hold my phone, this happened:


That’s my normal reaction to a camera. Good thing I’m a writer. Broadcast would have been brutal.

And, the scavenger hunt list (I’m pumped! I needed this motivation to blow off the dust on my 60D. And, I better get started. I only have until Sept. 1. Oct. 1. We changed the deadline):
1. New
2. Round – done
3. Up in the air
4. Patterns
5. Tomorrow
6. Eyes
7. A sign
8. Tall
9. Amazing
10. Hidden – done
11. Green
12. Dirty
13. Weathered