The Beautiful Things


January is an interesting month. There’s a newness to the year—a newness in the dead of winter when, in Georgia at least, the first grips of cold really tighten and we’re left wanting spring. Because we are wusses. Wusses made for hot weather.

A lot of the blogs I read have been touching on the topic of comparisons this month, Pinterest in particular. It’s an easy target. When you have a social media site based primarily on beautiful images that can both spark creativity and open an internal floodgate of negative comparisons, it’s going to get picked on. It’s also a time suck. It definitely sucked too much of my time over the holidays (except I did find a really, really cool quilt that I’m determined will make it in some form into my guest bedroom).

My style is not years-past Swedish crisp and spotless clean. And it’s not on-the-farm creative, although, if I had to pick, that’s what I dream about and aspire to. It’s this year’s IKEA catalog—clutter and lived-in and color and chaos. It’s a growing ball of messy that gives me both grief and joy.

I’m finding, as the years roll by way too quickly, that I’m mostly okay with that growing ball of messy (some days more than others). And I’m trying to engage creatively (thanks, Coletterie) with the beauty around me while knowing that each of us approaches it differently.

But I think most of us will spend our lives trying to find our fit, ourselves. And maybe that is part of the beauty of it. We’re not going to fit here. We’re not supposed to fit here.

Am I okay with that—the looking toward Jesus and reaching toward heaven? Even when the greatest emotion I have on many days is feeling fenced in here on earth?


I had to fit in this photo of Millie somewhere. She so badly wants to be a “real” cat—to roam wide and free beyond our backyard. We so badly don’t want to her to get hit by a car. Ah, love.

The top photo is some form of lichen on a stump on Cook’s Trail in Sandy Creek Nature Center. That’s my life. Beautiful fungus. 🙂


Sometimes the sky speaks for me

October sky
Above: Sky heading back to Athens at the end of October after an interesting early Sunday morning drive into Sandy Springs

To say the past few months have been intense would be a severe understatement. Let’s just say it has something to do with reproduction and the clouds that constantly swirl in that sector for us.

So, this song by Gungor kind of sums up where I am right now:

Out on the farthest edge
There in the silence
You were there

My faith was torn to shreds
Heart in the balance
And You were there

Always faithful, always good
You still have me
You still have my heart

I thought I had seen the end
Everything broken
But You were there

I’ve wandered at heaven’s gates
I’ve made my bed in hell
You were there still

Always faithful, always good
You still have me
You still have my heart

A great live video of the “You Have Me” is here: