At 37 weeks…

It’s getting late, and I probably should be in bed. But Paden’s coming tomorrow (like it or not, wee squid kid), and, yeah, I’d rather look at photos than sleep.

The most awesome and awesomely talented Kaitie Bryant did a pregnancy photo shoot with us after church at the Classic Center on the day we hit 37 weeks. She made me feel absolutely beautiful. It was the best time I’ve ever had in front of the camera (let’s just say I usually prefer the behind-the-camera side of photo taking).

She captured us perfectly—our goofy, giddy selves. Here are a few of my favorite photos:Paden-3653Paden-3608Paden-3722Paden-3743Paden-3790Paden-3814Paden-3871Paden-3837Okay, kid, time to get here already!


A photo scavenger hunt

I’m reviving my blog (whoo!) to join in Sarah F’s photo scavenger hunt ( And I figured this would be a good time to post a lovely photo of me with a basketball in my belly (excuse the iPhone-used-in-the bathroom shot. I promise I’ll use my good camera for the actual scavenger hunt).


That’s me at 25 weeks, 2 days! Whoohoo! (I’m now 27 weeks, 2 days).

Once I figured out a decent angle to hold my phone, this happened:


That’s my normal reaction to a camera. Good thing I’m a writer. Broadcast would have been brutal.

And, the scavenger hunt list (I’m pumped! I needed this motivation to blow off the dust on my 60D. And, I better get started. I only have until Sept. 1. Oct. 1. We changed the deadline):
1. New
2. Round – done
3. Up in the air
4. Patterns
5. Tomorrow
6. Eyes
7. A sign
8. Tall
9. Amazing
10. Hidden – done
11. Green
12. Dirty
13. Weathered