When thoughts these days turn to diapers…

A few days ago, I tiptoed back onto Ebay for the first time in about four years. Yeah, I’m not into bidding. I have so, so many other time sucks (I’m looking at you, Pinterest, Feedly, Facebook and, well, Google searches).

And I won these used (BUT CLEAN!) cloth gDiapers:


Aren’t they adorable?! The wee one in my belly will be breathing air instead of practicing with amniotic fluid in about 6 weeks, and we’re going to need something to put on his wee butt.

gDiapers, from what I’ve researched so far, seem pretty awesome (this is not a paid endorsement. My blog doesn’t even blip in the blogosphere). They make both cloth and disposable inserts. And since I’m diving headfirst into this cloth thing—I’m even making my own cloth wipes—I figured used might be a good option. gDiapers, as adorable as they are, are pretty expensive, $30 for two covers and insert pouches at the cheapest (at BabiesRUs). So, bring on the used. Bring on Ebay. Bring on the bidding. And bring on the mom and mom-in-law, who both gave us two covers. I am so incredibly blessed.


That was me about three weeks ago with my mom, left (don’t we look so much alike?! I love it!), and my mom-in-law at my shower in Albany. I was overwhelmed by the love for this little kid. From handmade blankets to lots of body wash, he’s going to be well set.


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