Round. And why I can’t ‘taste the rainbow’

In the last post, I said no iPhone photos. I lied. It’s not every day that even a fun pack of Skittles is missing a color. How can I taste the rainbow if a color is missing? How can I experience fully the wonder that is eating all five flavors at once if a flavor is missing? How will my afternoon ever be normal if one of the five pillars of Skittles happiness is missing?!

I need to cut down on sugar. I see it’s becoming a serious problem.

In an effort to get this scavenger hunt started, my photo describing “round” is below. Because Skittles are round. Until you bite into them.


I used my new quick-connect iPhone lens, the olloclip, in fisheye setting, for this shot. The color is a little washed out and the photo grainy, but I’m cool with it. And, in case you were wondering, I still ate every single Skittle.


4 thoughts on “Round. And why I can’t ‘taste the rainbow’

  1. Such a creative first picture, Stephanie, but have to admit, I love your creative photo strip from your last post just as much. I am so envious that you have a special camera lens for your phone. I have to take a look next time I see you. Finally, I have no doubt you ate every Skittle.

    • Thanks! I figured the photo strip was more reflective of my true personality. I couldn’t help myself. And, with the Skittles, after I passed my three-hour glucose test, I’ve been eating way too much candy!

  2. Sad day! Your calendar says “dinner with Casey” 😦 maybe that is the missing skittle…maybe I am what would have/could have made your life complete today and then it all went crashing down…

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