The watermelon cake

We had quite a July (yeah, I know. It’s almost September). J and I took our longest vacation ever (five whole nights, baby!) and the next weekend, my nephew turned 3, my mom turned a most beautiful age – 60 – and my niece was baptized. She’s .5 years old, for the record.

And I made a cake for Mom.

In case you can’t tell, I loved playdough as a kid.

Every year when I was growing up, Mom made my brothers and I a homemade cake for our birthdays. She still does. I guess the grownup years haven’t totally overtaken me yet. 😉

Somewhere in my teen years, I decided I would start making her a cake. And being creative of mind, I would usually choose the weirdest most interesting recipe I could find. One of them was for a watermelon cake – bright, bright red on the inside with a slight chocolate flavor, with raisins as seeds (I substituted chocolate chips for the raisins in the one above. Much tastier). The original recipe calls for a goo-green glaze. It’s a very interesting color. I went with fondant this year instead.

The pink is raspberry flavored. The green is cherry flavored. Both are marshmallow fondant, which is tastier than the stuff that comes in a plastic container.

My nephew wanted to test the quality

Overall, it was a success. Mom was happy. It got eaten. And, most importantly, we didn’t take any home!


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