Len Foote Hike Inn and a walk in the woods: Part 1

Mom and I hit the trail earlier this week for a two-day hike split in the middle by a stay at Len Foote Hike Inn above Amicalola Falls State Park near Dahlonega in north Georgia. We headed out Monday and came home Tuesday in what was just over a 24-hour trip. It was wonderful. The trails were awesome, the food was so good, the staff was friendly and the composting toilet was an experience.

You have to check in before 2 p.m. at Amicalola, or they don’t let you hike up. Mainly, they do this in case you are super slow and because the Hike Inn also serves dinner promptly at 6 p.m. And you don’t want to miss it.

The trail isn’t that difficult going to Hike Inn — just enough to make my calves ache the next day.

Are y’all ready for photos? Here goes!

Mom and I are both camera crazy (it’s a genetic disorder that goes back at least to my grandmama), so we have lots of photos. Speaking of, I LOVE my iPhone. It’s light, it’s super convenient, I get good photos most of the time, and it takes up barely any room.

Isn’t my mom beautiful? I love her hair, although when mine gets that color, I have plans to streak it blue. Or green. Depending on the season. 🙂

Just when the afternoon heat was starting to get to me, the trail ended at the Hike Inn. Looks like their spring/summer is about three or four weeks behind ours, so the flowers were just reaching their peak. Talk about timing.

Composting toilets = air conditioning for your butt. They were completely non-smelly — it’s basically a seat with a large pipe heading into the ground. I had to remember to flush again when I got home.

To save even more water, they ask you use one mug and one glass your entire stay. Mom took it further and only used this mug.

I used my allotted amount of beverage containment devices.

No photos of dinner because I was too busy eating it.

The inn is very big into no food waste. This meant that whatever you put on your plate, you are expected to eat. Dinner and breakfast are served family-style so that you can take as much or as little as you want. Monday night, we had 0.5 ounces of food left on plates from about 20 people. Go us!

A frog we saw on the inn’s fire break trail.

Flowers outside of the bathhouse. They had lots of native gardens planted.

Morning at the inn. Morning that came too early. Morning that came with a breakfast bell at 8 a.m. Morning that was made better with locally roasted coffee and stone ground grits loaded with butter.

Mom continued with Jeremiah after breakfast. Did I mention that she’s awesome? And an awesome woman of God?

Chairs offered a view of the sunrise — and the surrounding mountains. Why no, I did not get up in time to see the sun peak its head up over the trees. Building in the background is a common area with books, games, couches, etc.

Back view of the Star Base. It measures the extremes of the summer and winter solstices, as well as the four main points of the compass, according to the inn’s website.

Tomorrow I’m posting photos from the hike back down to Amicalola. We took the AT approach trail for a little variety.